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Geotech undertakes client QA/QC representation onboard survey vessels contracted to undertake a wide variety of projects which include Hi-Resolution and Ultra High Resolution Geophysical surveys for Geo Hazard rig emplacement, Pipeline and Cable Route surveys (pre/post lay), Environmental surveys and Regional surveys incorporating sub bottom profiling systems, single/multi beam bathymetry systems, side scan sonars, magnetometers, ROV and Fixed Camera operations plus many varied soil analysis systems such as Gravity Coring, Box Cores and CPT operations on deep borehole surveys providing soil analysis for Spud Can penetration assessment.


With its partners Geotech also provides 2D/3D/4D Deep Seismic Exploration survey QA/QC services in marine and land environments, as well as transition zone operations.


Our consultants provide a fully independent QA/QC service to ensure our clients best interests are fully taken into account when contractors are providing seismic survey services.  Each consultant has several years individual experience in the geophysical and geotechnical survey industry, many with over 25 years in either a survey contractor role or as a client QA/QC representative.  Our consultants experience covers the range of disciplines encountered onboard survey vessels including Navigation, Data Acquisition, Data Processing and Interpretation.


Their role onboard ensures the best interests of the client are observed throughout the survey, that safety is not compromised in the interests of production providing a safe yet efficient operation, giving the clients peace of mind that the best results possible are obtained taking into account the local geology encountered and any external adverse conditions such as weather, seismic interference, fishing activity or general marine traffic.



From initial vessel mobilisation through to survey completion and demobilisation our consultants ensure the clients best interests are taken into account throughout, these services incorporate all meetings onboard both pre-survey and ongoing, covering all aspects of the project, monitoring navigation and in sea positioning, equipment testing and deployment, systems tuning, data acquisition, data processing and interpretation, HSE, project planning and timing to ensure the project is undertaken in the safest, environmentally conscious, cost efficient way.




Geotech can provide smaller exploration companies who may not have an in-house survey division with project management services including survey design and field development services where required.

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