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24 hour emergency contact information

In the event of an accident or illness resulting in hospitalisation whilst working for and on behalf of Geotech Consultants Ltd, please contact CEGA Emergency Services immediately on +44 1243 621 525.  This is a 24 hour service.


Failure to consult with CEGA and act in accordance with their instructions may prejudice any claim.  All such costs, including repatriation, will only be covered where they have been authorised and approved by CEGA.


After calling the CEGA helpline, please contact the Geotech Consultants Duty Manager on: +44 (0)1493 781 997

CEGA Medical Emergency Helpline: +44 1234 621 515


The following information will need to be provided to the CEGA agent who handles the call:


1. Certificate number: GABT 3934/2/12

2. Your full name

3. Your current location and phone numbers

4. The name of the Hospital and the Doctor and their telephone numbers

5. Your condition: symptoms, dates, diagnosis if known

6. An alternative contact

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